Cloud integration

With support for most cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Quantum Armor offers unique insights into your network, web application and infrastructure.

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Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Armor™ leverages the power of artificial intelligence to spot trends, unusual events and unexpected changes in configuration. Our unique machine learning engine can process millions of lines of logs per seconds to extract any relevant information.

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Agentless operations

Our attack surface monitoring system doesn't require any software or agents to be installed on-site. We collect information that is externally available and leverage existing APIs from your cloud provider or web application.

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Saas or on-premises

To be as flexible as possible, our attack surface monitoring solution is offered either as a service (SaaS) or on-premises. A hybrid solution is available as well.

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One million+ monitored devices in a single instance.
Massive growth capabilities

Built with scalability in mind, our secure attack surface management platform grows along with you.

User friendly interface

Our easy-to-use interface is available on your preferred device; including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Clear and direct reporting

Advanced aggregation and correlation engines cut down on the clutter of false positives and keep you informed of exactly what you need to know.


Dedicated support

We pride ourselves in assisting all of our customers with premium support through our 24/7/365 customer service center.

AI log processing

Our Quantum Armor™ solution doesn't simply collect log files, it leverages artificial intelligence to spot trends amd correlate events to help detect attacks and prevent data breaches before they occur.

Visualize your attack surface.

Our dashboard allows for easy visualization of your attack surface and offers tips on how to reduce it to minimize breaches on your network.

Silent Breach Quantum Armor™

Your security posture at a glance.

Understanding your security posture and exposed attack surface is key to a good security strategy. Quantum Armor™ allows you to visualize your attack surface and reduce it quickly and efficiently.

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Our Team

Our team of experts is available for any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out!


Eric Muller

EMEA Sales Manager for Enterprises, Eric has extensive experience in the Enterprise security industry.


Marc Castejon

CEO and Founder of Silent Breach, Marc has over 20 years experience in product development and cyber security.


Daniel Rhodes

North American Account Manager for Enterprises, Daniel has extensive experience in the cyber security industry.

Our technical support team is available 24/7/265 for any questions you might have.

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Spot trends

Quantum Armor™ correlation engine

AI correlation engine

Artificial Intelligence at your service

Our unique correlation engine can automatically spot trends and patterns in the millions of lines of logs generated by your applications.

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Quantum Armor™

Quickly detect threats.

Detect threats in a glance with KPIs, graphs and visual aids.

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Spot changes in network configuration.

Detect changes to your perimeter defense.

Quantum Armor™

Safeguard your digital assets

Changes in configuration, whether intentional or not, can have dramatic side effects. Track any changes in your network configuration to make sure that your digital assets are never exposed.

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Pinpoint the origin of an attack.

Q-Traceback technology

Quantum Armor™

Trace down attacks by geography

Our Q-Traceback technology allows you to pinpoint the origin of an attack and provides you with a global cybersecurity outlook.

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360° Protection

Our advanced attack surface monitoring system can check for changes in any security controls defined in the platform.

Open port monitoring

The presence of a new open port on your server can be a legitimate action by your dev team, but it can also indicate that a backdoor has been opened on your server. This can be a prime indication that your server has been breached and that data is capable of being exfiltrated to an external entity.

2 new open ports
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Track changes in your configuration files

Changes in your configuration files can create a window of opportunity for hackers to exploit this change in system behavior. With Quantum Armor, configuration changes can be seamlessly detected and reviewed as soon as they occur.

3 new configuration changes
Today 11:04am

Intelligent log parsing

Silent Breach's Quantum Armor™ makes sense of millions of lines of logs to extract relevant information to determine the attacker's profile along with the types of attack they are leveraging against your servers.

Suspected scan detected
Today 11:37am

Track your attack surface

Changes in your attack surface can offer new opportunities for attackers to breach your servers. Being able to historically track changes in you attack surface can help you choose between what to expose and what should be kept behind a firewall.

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Today 12:06pm

Vulnerability scanner

Silent Breach's Quantum Armor™ vulnerability scanner monitors your digital assets to non-intrusively check for known vulnerabilities and newly discovered exploits. Built with continuous monitoring in mind, this scanner uses a non-agressive algorithm to verify your exposure to known exploits in real-time.

1 new vulnerability found (high)
24 min ago

Geographically locate your threat

Our geo-tracking technology allows you to better understand where your attackers are physically located, and can help you tweak your firewall to better defend your digital assets.

Interactive threat map updated
10 min ago

Spot trends

Spotting attack trends can help you plan better defenses for your servers. These unique insights allow you to predict the future by looking at the past, and better prepare for imminent attacks.

Trends charts updated
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What our customers say.

A word from our valued customers

"Total game changer; this tool was adopted by our infosec team within days of testing. Kudos to the Silent Breach team for bringing us what is now the keystone of our security strategy."
Andrew Williams
The LightBulb Company, California
"We're still uncovering many of Quantum Armor's features that lie under the hood. This tool has increased our security capabilities 10-fold."
John Hanigan
SparkWorks SRL, Madrid
"Very scalable and easy to install, the system was up and running within hours. Strongly recommend Quantum Armor to companies that need serious security."
Tim Regnar
Ubiquity SA, France

Need more reasons to choose Quantum Armor?

More great features to help you choose Quantum Armor as your next attack surface monitoring platform.

24/7/365 support

We are here to help you

Our support team is ready to assist you at any time of the day, any day of the week, any week of the year.

Search precision

Quickly locate your assets

With its powerful built-in high precision search tool, you can quickly track down the origin of the problem.

SFTP file sharing

Automatically upload reports to your servers

Sharing daily reports has never been easier. With our built-in secure FTP client, reports can be uploaded to any server for instant review.

Email notifications

Get notifications right to your inbox

In responding to a security flaw, time is key. Vastly decrease your time to detection and remediation by getting critical notification directly to your email or SMS inbox.

Quantum Armor Pricing

Flexible pricing to suit your needs.

  • Software as a service
  • Quantum Armor SaaS is our hassle-free solution hosted and maintained for you.
  • $49 / month per site
  • Volume discounts over 100 sites
  • Full features
  • Artificial Intelligence log processing
  • Cloud Integration (AWS, GCloud, MS Azure)
  • Q-Traceback™ technology
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  • Quantum Armor
  • Try Quantum Armor for 30 days, no payment details required.
  • Enjoy custom perks
  • Full Quantum Armor version
  • Artificial Intelligence log processing
  • Cloud Integration (AWS, GCloud, MS Azure)
  • Q-Traceback™ technology
  • Open registration
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  • On-premise
  • On-premise servers ready to go and pre-configured for your environment.
  • $490 / year per site
  • Volume discounts over 100 sites
  • Full features
  • Artificial Intelligence log processing
  • Cloud Integration (AWS, GCloud, MS Azure)
  • Q-Traceback™ technology
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*Volume discount applies for 100 licenses or more. Please contact a sales representative below for a personalized quote.

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